Tuesday, 29 October 2013

It is only the wind

Here is a preview of one of the poems in my new children's book, Twisting Tails of Little Things, which will be out shortly.
The book is a mixture of short stories and poems, all with a scary theme and designed to be read aloud, as well as by yourself, making them very good for atmospheric parties!

It is only the wind

The wind calls my name
With a voice the same
As my own, from another room.

It wants me to leave
And listen to it breathe
It calls to me, ‘Come soon, come soon!’

Don’t answer the voice
Or listen to the noise
Of its fingers tickling the door.

It isn’t the wind as it sighs
Nor the storm, prattling by
It is the night, the moon, the roar

Of creatures we are never meant to see
Of dreams that were not meant to be
Faces rush by, hands reaching out.
Mouths open as you begin to shout,
Laughter, like rain, hair floating out.

Stay here, don’t peek
Don’t see a face, a nose, a cheek
It is just the wind, after all,
There is no night, no lonely call.
There is no step in the hall.

copyright Amanda J Harrington 2013

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Saturday, 19 October 2013


Here's an early blast of Halloween for you, which I might turn into a story or book one day. Sorry it's so dark, writing horror cheers me up! I may dress up as this character for Halloween too.

All the children come to me and I carry them,
Close and forlorn
In great, heaving sacks,
Split up the sides so eyes spill out
And hands, gasping for the air
Feel freedom and never touch it.

Small bags at my front
For tiny babes in arms
Whose screams are deafened by the weight
Of my care.

My old and weary body sways,
Stepping sideways, the path always rocky
As the children struggle and send me wide.

Sometimes they shake so that one falls away
And I lose it, even as I grabble in the long grass
Knowing this one finds its way home, safe.

I wonder if they choose the one to live
And combine their efforts to save it?
Watching through gaps with gleaming eyes
As the freed one leaps, limber and quick,
Out of my reach.

I leave it and travel on,
There are always more children.

copyright Amanda J Harrington 2013

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