Saturday, 21 March 2015

Night Shambles

Night Shambles

In the dark bedroom corner where it used to be just wood and plaster,
stirring in sleep and digging unmade claws into
sinews gripped in dreams,
a deeper darkness shivers within the night
and starts to wake.

Yawns, trembles, reaches out
as if each move means pain,
or is too pleasurable to let it be.

Lips sweetened
it looks about the room for a focus,
finds a face at the edge of the bed,
uncovered in the safe, sleeping air,
the tips of fingers reaching up from the covers.

Moving with one leg forever bent,
the other holding the floor by the toes,
dragging the overfull body across the floor,
the arms unstable,
feeling air and furniture alike,
as if it does not know what solid is.

Until it comes to the face,
the tiniest point
where the upturned nose
breathes dreams
into the room.

Hands too close to scratching
it holds them back and away,
choosing to bend and feel with a mouth,
gaping gently in fascination.

Bending one, the other sleeps on, innocent to it.

A touch and there is nothing solid in the room,
no arms to hold it,
no scent to be taken from the living air.

It turns and shambles back to the corner
where it stops for a moment on a dim threshold,
wondering at the way the street light hammers the wall.
Then on and out,
clearing the room of everything
but blessed, sacred darkness,
taking life with it.

©Amanda J Harrington 2015

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Saturday, 14 March 2015

If school was meant to be easy then everyone would do it.

You really ought to toughen up about school, you know? Just because you're only 6 it doesn't mean you get to play all day and not take some responsibility. How on earth will you cope in later life if you don't learn to behave now? And there's no point in crying either - do you see any of the other children crying?

No, it's time to realise that we all have to do things we don't like. When you are a grown-up, you won't be able to avoid work by crying so you're not going to avoid school now.

Do you think when I leave the house every day that I don't feel like staying home? What would happen if I did that, if I didn't go to work? Would it be a good thing? So if you stay at home and don't go to school, how will that be a good thing? You need to learn the difference between having fun and doing what is right.

Being at home is boring, anyway. Who wants to be at home all day? You'd soon get tired of playing with your toys if it was the same every day. You'd miss the friends you made at school (stop it, yes you did, I've seen you talking to them). You would be sad if you couldn't go to school.

Look, I don't care about Marie. If her mother keeps her at home then that's their problem. She won't be making any money when she's a grown up. No, it isn't still learning, I don't know where you get these ideas. Marie won't even be able to write her name by the time she's 10! No, she can't, I've not even seen her hold a pencil!

I think your uniform looks great. It keeps everybody the same, so you don't feel left out. I don't care what Marie wears, we're not talking about Marie. Dressing as a dragon is not the same as getting dressed. It isn't Halloween for months yet!

Put your shoes on, then. No, this way, you're doing it wrong. When will you learn to tie your laces? You need to wear proper shoes. I bet Marie can't tie her laces - you don't want to be like Marie, do you?

I don't care, people should wear shoes. What if she stands on a nail or something? No, tinfoil-boots do not count as shoes.

Now, come on or we'll be late. Have you got your homework and your money for the after-school club? Have you got that letter for the trip? Did you tell your teacher you're sorry about the picture? Good.

Off out the door then and look happy about it.

I don't care if Marie always looks happy! If school was meant to be easy then everyone would do it. Think how good you'll feel when you're in a full-time job and Marie is still painting pictures all day in her bare feet.

Yes, all right, in her tinfoil boots then. Think how happy you'll be then.

No, you can't marry Marie when you're older, just go to school!

©Amanda J Harrington 2015

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